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  • Directly Managed

    U.S.-China Green Fund I: 
    Our LP ecosystem consists of leading institutions and enterprises from industrial, finance and technology sectors including Three Gorges, Huaneng, CNPC, An Steel, CAS, ICBC, CCB, Wisdom, Trinasolar, Envision, China Securities and Caixin Financial. With $500 million AUM, our sustainable investments along with strong financial returns have contributed to a low-carbon and green economy.

  • Co-managed

    Four Rivers Investment :
    An investment management firm co-founded by Asia Green Fund, Invesco, Baowu Group and China Merchants Group, has accumulated over $1.1 billion in AUM . Four Rivers Investment has launched the first Steel Sector Restructuring Fund in China, as well as a Steel Industry Development Equity Investment Fund and a Smart Manufacturing Industry Fund. 
    Three Gorges Green Fund:
    Co-founded by China Three Gorges Capital, Asia Green Fund, Tsinghua Asset Management, Three Gorges Green Fund currently manages $700 million, with an investment focus in clean energy, environmental protection industries and other green industries. Three Gorges Green Fund is committed to becoming a market-driven demonstration green fund.

  • 2016
    Established in
  • $500mn
    Directly Managed
  • $1.8bn
  • 20+
Our investments focus on Tech-enabled Industrials and Business services (Tech-IBS), the core investment sectors are:
  • Logistics & Mobility

    Logistics & Mobility

  • IBS Internet

    IBS Internet

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Advanced Manufacturing

  • Environmental Service

    Environmental Service


During the 100 days after the investment was completed, together with the management team of Asia Green Fund, we spent a lot of time to comprehensively sort out the company's development context and strategy, allowing us to clearly recognize our own advantages. In addition, Asia Green Fund provided us with very valuable resources and support in talent selection, brand promotion, market resource docking and business development.

Qingxin Liao, CEO & Founder, Horen Group

As a start-up company in the hazardous waste disposal industry, we are very grateful to Asia Green Fund for its trust in Low Carbon Environment, and we are also fortunate to have Asia Green Fund and AVIC Trust as our shareholders. Therefore, after the investment, the two shareholders have not only gave us continuous financial support through the "shares + debts", but also gave us a lot of help in strategic planning, project resources, and corporate governance.

Xiaofan Xu, Chairman, Low Carbon Environment

As Immotor's shareholders, Asia Green Fund not only provided us with capital for Immotor's development, but also gave us great support in brand building, resource accessing, and strategic coordination.

Daniel Huang, CEO, Immotor Technology

Together with Asia Green Fund, we will build a beautiful and smart village and make farmers live a better life!

Xiuxian Xu, CEO, Huitongda

As a co-founder of Four Rivers Investment, Asia Green Fund plays an active role in the structural adjustment of the Chinese steel industry, helping Chinese steel companies achieve cleaner production and green upgrades.  Along the way, Asia Green Fund has given us great help and selfless support, and we hereby express our deep gratitude and respect.

Zhuping Zhou, CEO, Four Rivers Investment

Asia Green Fund and Fivestar Holdings have joined hands twice to create the unicorn enterprises Huitongda and Hosjoy. It is hoped that Asia Green Fund will help more companies stand out and add more "green" to China.

Jianguo Wang, Chairman, FiveStar Holdings

Together with Asia Green Fund, we set out towards the vision of "parking smart, travel green, and a better life".

Jun Yan, Chairman, AI Park

Asia Green Fund has become a signatory of UN PRI


Asia Green Fund has become a signatory of UN PRI

Asia Green Fund, a leading green impact Private Equity Fund, announced the official signing of the UN PRI

AGF Was Awarded “TOP10  Investment Firms in China AI and Big Data Industry”


AGF Was Awarded “TOP10 Investment Firms in China AI and Big Data Industry”

Asia Green Fund was awarded "China Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry TOP 10 Investment Institution”

International Private Equity Consortium to Buy DuPont Clean Technologies


International Private Equity Consortium to Buy DuPont Clean Technologies

An international private equity consortium consisting of Asia Green Fund signed to purchase Clean Technologies business of DuPont

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